About Me

Name: Kristian Kjäll

Age: 33

City: Gothenburg
Country: Sweden

E-mail: kristustf@gmail.com
Phone: +46736-735383

Skövde Konstskola

University of Gothenburg
BAUN – Barns och ungas uppväxtvillkor, lärande och utveckling
2009-2013 (January)

I’ve been designing and drawing games for as long as I can remember. Before I got a computer I made my own boardgames (because we didn’t have any to speak of). When I got a computer I started making Doom maps. Due to not getting an upgrade to that computer I continued doing this throughout the nineties. As I finally got my own computer in 2000, I ended up branching out from simply working on Doom maps and art to the Quake 2 and 3 engines. But I still remained with Doom on the side as I had projects still lingering.

As it so happens I keep returning to working on Doom engine projects from time to time. While I started up projects for both the Quake 2 and 3 engines, none of them came to be fully realized for different reasons. In 2004 I got together with a friend to start a team working on a Doom3 project called Doom3: Phobos. The project is still ongoing, though I’ve since long stopped taking part in it’s development. After a few years of painstaking and often grueling work trying to get the most out of the engine as well as making an interesting experience. It became clear that what me and my friend thought was interesting, was not the same thing anymore. So I left.

Even though I had through my years been an active player in the multiplayer community of Doom, I had completely missed out on the Quake 3 train, even though I bought the game as it was released. It wasn’t until I got introduced to ETQW that I started to get a bit involved in the competetive side of gaming. And as Quake Live was released I started playing that instead and have ever since. Since there are so many ways you can improve yourself in the game. It never gets boring, only exhausting and often frustrating.

Working for the Reborn project I see as an opportunity to be part of something great.

Body of work:
For information and links to reviews of works outside of what I’ve put on display here at my portfolio. Please visit my DoomWiki page.